Building a Sustainable Olive Industry for Florida


Mission Statement:

The Florida Olive Council, LAA is a not-for-profit entity - IRS 501(c)(3) - organized under the laws of the state of Florida (604.11 Fla. Stat.) and dedicated to promoting research, cultivation and marketing of olive trees and olive products. 

Supporters of the Florida Olive Council are dedicated to the highest standards of environmental sustainability, academic integrity and business ethics. Our vision is of an economically viable and sustainable olive industry providing jobs for Floridians and healthful products for the world.

Donations:  We welcome tax-deductible contributions to continue our work. Send checks to Florida Olive Council, LAA, 3324 W. University Ave. #160 Gainesville, FL 32607.  Download copy of our IRS 501(c)(3) letter for tax purposes. For more information contact:  Michael O'Hara Garcia.

Florida Olive Research Project

Vision:  The Council believes establishment of a successful Florida olive industry will best be accomplished based on thorough and professional scientific research.  The goal is to identify and/or develop olive varieties (cultivars) having market-viable taste and production characteristics and optimal adaptation to Florida's environment.

Design:  The research design addresses all climates and soils within the State with a view to optimizing cultivars and unique environmental characteristics.  In that regard, test plots are established at various locations in north, central and south Florida.  In addition, we gather information on milling, marketing, storage and other activities attendant to a successful olive industry and more jobs for Floridians.

Teamwork:  We are supported by industry, government, academia and the general public.  We will work with all organizations to leverage strengths and ensure broad buy-in. 

Timeline and Funding:  We anticipate Phase I of the project taking 5-7 years and costing approximately $2.25 million.

Current Status:  As of October 2014, research sites are located at five (5) University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences locations in Florida: IFAS Citra, IFAS Gainesville (campus teaching orchard), IFAS Ocala, IFAS Live Oak and IFAS Jay.  Several private groves are also tracked. The Council has broken ground on the Florida Olive Research Facility near La Crosse, FL (north of Gainesville).  The purpose of the facility is to provide a location to conduct research with a view to developing olive cultivars best adapted to Florida climate and soils.  The facility will host a laboratory, greenhouses and field trial areas. This year, we harvested our first crop of olives in Jackson County and pressed Florida Olive Oil at Georgia Olive Farms (see report at right).


 2014 Florida Olive Oil - $18.50    50 yr old olive Ormond Bch, FL     Arbequina, St. Augustine           February 2015 blooms on St. Augustine Arbequina

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